Download:Diabolic Traffic Bot v6.44 Crack Update

Diabolic Traffic Bot Changelog version 6.44

Browser Engine [Updated]
[*]IP Leak Test (Will check if the proxy leaks your ip before using) [New]
[*]Proxies SSH Sources [New]
[*]Minor Bugs [Fixed]
[*]New command “http_get_contents” [New]
[*]New column “User Agent” in Results [New]
[*]Faster start [Improvement]
[*]Small browser bugs [Fixed]
[*]User Agent default list [Updated]
[*]Better error handling [New]
[*]New option: Proxy Sources (SOCKS 4) [New]

Diabolic Traffic Bot v6.44
Diabolic Traffic Bot v6.44

Diabolic Traffic Bot v6.44 Modules:

[*]Soundcloud Play
[*]Youtube Search and Play
[*]Simple Website Visit
[*]Website Visit and Random Click
[*]BC.VC Click Next Button
[*]SH.ST Click Next Button
[*]Amazon Search Product and Click

What you can do with the traffic:

  • Increase Website Stats
  • Increase Soundcloud Plays
  • Increase Views
  • Increase Downloads
  • Increase Votes
  • Manipulate Any Analitic Software
  • Manipulate Alexa Ranking
  • Simulate Users



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