GSA Search Engine + Auto SoftSubmit Cracked New Version

Submit your product to thousands of software archives, directories and search engines. Save plenty of time and money using our fully automated software. Promoting your software has never been easier. Load a PAD file and let the program do the rest.

GSA Search Engine + Auto SoftSubmit Cracked New Version

GSA Auto SoftSubmit Cracked

Automatic Submission

We first built this product for ourselves to publish our software more easily and realized that this is a big improvement that everyone should use. The whole software is automating every step of this process as far as it can go. Never waste your precious time again on endless monotone clicking just to get your software published.
GSA Search Engine + Auto SoftSubmit Cracked New Version

Setup Wizard

No worries about the setup. The wizard will take you through the whole process of software publishing.

PAD Editor

No need to use external tools to create your PAD/XML files that are widely used to submit software. You have it all included and making changes or creating new pad files is incredibly easy
GSA Search Engine + Auto SoftSubmit Cracked New Version

Upload your PAD

Once you have created or updated your pad file, you have to upload it to your website so that websites detect the new changes and update themselves automatically. This upload is easily handled from within the software.


No more manual CAPTCHA filling if you don't want to. You can choose many CAPTCHA providers that will solve them for you. However, it is highly recommended that you try our software called GSA Captcha Breaker as most of the CAPTCHAs can be easily solved by it. It will save you a lot of money when used in preference to CAPTCHA services. Of course you can also manually solve CAPTCHAs.


Most sites require a CAPTCHA input. As written above, you can use our captcha software or a third party CAPTCHA service to fully skip this step.

The Right Category for Every Site

Do not worry about endless category filling or other setups. You can mass fill categories easily by using masks or import them from other already submitted products. Everything that's possible is automated, the rest is built to be as convenient as it can get.

Multiple Submission

In case you have more than one software title to submit, you can also put together a list and all of them will be submitted one after another without any intervention on your end.
GSA Search Engine + Auto SoftSubmit Cracked New Version

Manual Submission

In rare situations you might want to surf the websites yourself and manually fill out the fields. All fields will get pre-filled for you and all you have to do is click the submit button. This also works for all of your custom sites you've previously imported.
GSA Search Engine + Auto SoftSubmit Cracked New Version

Account Manager

An easy overview of all your website accounts that the software created – you can also import existing accounts from other products or manually make changes if needed.

Link Report

The submission of a software will originally not give you the exact location where the software is actually linked. This can be resolved using this Link Report tool which will search the whole site for your software if wanted.
GSA Search Engine + Auto SoftSubmit Cracked New Version

Reciprocal Link Manager

Some websites want you to place a reciprocal backlink to their site before they list you. You can easily create that list and place it on your website with a few simple clicks.

Proxy Scraper

Even though you don't need to use proxies, you have the ability to stay anonymous. The software comes with over 2000 sources to find free proxies. It can scrape proxies, test them and keep itself updated.

Submission Report

After the submission you can create a nice report of all the submissions that have been completed.
GSA Search Engine + Auto SoftSubmit Cracked New Version

Download GSA Auto SoftSubmit:

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Download GSA Search Engine Ranker:

GSA Search Engine Ranker version:
  • 14.44 – new: [2020-02-20] speed on link compare improved
  • 14.43 – new: [2020-02-20] speed on link extraction improved
  • 14.42 – new: [2020-02-20] improved global black list (better speed, way less memory usage)
  • 14.41 – new: [2020-02-18] improved language detection 14.40 – fix: [2020-02-17] indexer PR filter where not loaded when editing 14.39 – fix: [2020-02-10] issue with comment engines and anchor being replaced with random name
  • 14.38 – new: [2020-02-06] improved some engines
  • 14.37 – new: [2020-02-04] improved “Show URLs” dialog 14.36 – fix: [2020-01-31] bug when replacing special chars in documents
  • 14.35 – new: [2020-01-27] added a new indexing service 14.34 – new: [2020-01-23] speed for statistics rendering increased
  • 14.32 – fix: [2020-01-21] statistics/chart where sometimes missing data when start/end date was the same
  • 14.31 – new: [2020-01-17] improved site list parsing
  • 14.30 – new: [2020-01-16] improved import from Kondent Machine with line feeds/empty lines 14.29 – new: [2020-01-15] improved site list extraction where domains are listed only
  • 14.28 – fix: [2020-01-12] serengine v2 api 14.27 – fix: [2020-01-11] serengine v2 api messages 14.26 – fix: [2020-01-07] small issue on domain filtering
  • 14.25 – new: [2020-01-06] improved script language (serengines v3 final steps) – new: [2020-01-03] improved speed for statistics view
  • 14.23 – new: [2020-01-02] improved url/link finding

Will the software work on my PC?

That is hard to tell since each PC is different. Nowadays it`s hard to make a software work on all machines. Anyway that`s why you have a demo version to download for every software you can buy from us. Just download it from the product page and test it as much as you want. Simply tell us if you have trouble with it and we will try to fix the problem so that the software works on your PC as well. Also let us know if you are missing some feature and we will add it on the next update.

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Will the software work on MAC, Linux, anything other than Windows?

No. All our software was build for Microsoft Windows or compatible (e.g. ReactOS). However you can try running our software with an emulator just like Wine for Linux or VMWare for Mac. That will almost work on every OS.

Can I run my full version on more than one PC?

It`s allowed as long as you don`t use the product at the same time on different PCs. If you do it will result in problems with the license checking algorithm and may result in random crashes. So if you plan to use a product at the same time on different PCs please buy more than one license.


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