Spotify Bot: Making Money From Music On Spotify $1000 Weeks

Spotify, the platform used by 170 million people, has opening up its direct monetization program. Millions of listeners flock to Spotify to enjoy music that is advertising-supported and subscription-based. In the United States alone, people listened to an average of 32 hours of music per week in 2019, showing that the market is big enough for artists of every genre. Just like Youtubers, Spotify artists can earn a certain amount through advertising.

Spotify Bot: Making Money From Music On Spotify $1000 Weeks

How Many Streams?

Spotify pays an average of 0.00437 Per Stream, and it represents 69.57% of streaming market revenue share, so it's the most relevant platform to analyse streaming revenues for your music. This post will discuss the following questions:

  • How many Spotify streams do I need every year to make the equivalent of an average income?
  • How can I achieve millions of streams without millions of social followers?
  • How can I maximise profits from Spotify?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a median personal income of $865 per week for all full-time US workers in 2017. To earn this an artist (or copyright holder) needs just less than 200,000 streams on Spotify every week. Which is around 10 million streams per year. That might seem like a massive and unachievable number… But with excellent songwriting and production, there is a calculated approach that will increase your chances of getting millions of streams.

How Can I Rack Up 10 Million Streams!?

Self released artist Perrin Lamb made $56k in one year from ONE song streamed over 10 million times. His track ‘Everyone’s Got Something’ was added to the ‘Your Favourite Coffeehouse’ playlist and the streams started rolling in.

The track was released a full year before it was featured on the playlist. This displays one of the most valuable features of the music you create today… It’s shelf life is potentially endless. Your music is always fresh and new to someone, so keep pushing your back catalogue down new avenues that might generate revenue streams.

Here's a quote from Calvin Coolidge to keep in mind when pitching your music:

“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.”

How To Get Your Music On Spotify Playlist?

If you're confident that your songs are well written and you've used our plugin LEVELS to make sure it will sound great on Spotify, then you can start pitching your music to get featured on a Spotify playlist. I have stereo mastered dozens of tracks that have ended up on playlists with millions of followers. It's a great way to get organic exposure of your material.

  1. Get a verified profile on Spotify. Find out more here: Spotify verified
  2. Reach Out to Spotify’s playlist curators At the bottom of this post I've listed the top 25 most popular playlists on Spotify. They might not be right for your music but it can give you an idea of what people are listening to. You can learn more about approaching A&R through email from my post on Music Marketing.
  3. Send your tracks to other popular music blogs too. Not only is it more exposure if they select your music but you might also reach more curators.
  4. Email is a great way to reach people, so grow your fan mailing list…This will probably turn out to be more fruitful than focussing on socials. You can then email them when you release a track on Spotify.
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Spotify Bot, Tools For Music Marketing!

You have music but no one plays your song? use spotify bot to make your music famous, many artists have bought this bot. The best and most trusted way to send plays to your Spotify songs. The Spotify Plays Generator is easy to setup, can leave running 24/7 without issue. Send high quality plays with untraceable roots. With years in this business our software and guides have everything you need to automatically make money with Spotify. With a Spotify Account Creator available after purchase you can use thousands of accounts to send Plays to Playlists, with direct link or search function.

Spotify Bot: Making Money From Music On Spotify $1000 Weeks

Easily Add Thousands of Plays On Spotify Songs

  • Easy To Use
  • Spotify Account Creator
  • Don’t Buy Plays when you can generate High Quality Plays yourself!
  • Works on Windows XP and Up
  • Automatically Clicks Next Song On Set Time
  • Quickly Boost Play Count On Any Song
  • Uses Real Browsers
  • Proxy Support
  • Repeat Playlist Automatically
  • Use Facebook or Spotify Accounts
  • Low CPU and Ram Usage
  • Multi-threaded to Add Thousands of Plays a Day!
  • Now includes mass follows and saves booster for playlist, artists, songs, and albums.
  • Load urls or search artist or album names.
  • Run multiple links and options at the same time.

Spotify Plays Booster

Spotify Bot: Making Money From Music On Spotify $1000 Weeks

Spotify Bot: Making Money From Music On Spotify $1000 Weeks

Why you should get our Spotify Play Booster

I wont stand here to tell you other program they sell out there don’t work, they do but before you buy any software there are basic things you need to consider:

Check if the software was developed with real programming language Secondly you need to consider memory consumption and speed

Finally durability: most spotify bots out there were not created with real programming language, they were created with bot generator software, which makes most of the bots to freeze alot, becomes slow, unable to launch multiple browsers etc.

Today i proudly stand to tell you that our platinum spotify play booster was designed with the best technology and still maintain stealth human emulation, we have two version of our software the basic and platinum, you will know their difference  on check out page

Three Power parts Of Our Spotify Bot

This section we give detailed explanation of the  parts that made up  spotify  play booster and how they work

Full Play

This section plays complete track of your selected music it will start from the beginning and play it to the end before switching to another account , we call this method organic play because it plays complete track like real human

You can also choose from additional available option to add the music to favorite,add to library,Enable shuffle, this helps to increase the number of your listeners

Fast Play

This section enables you to play your music tracks on duration you can choose to play your music for every 60 seconds then switch to another account . This helps you accumulate higher number of streams in a shortest time possible.

You can also choose from additional available option to add the music to favorite,library and Enable shuffle, this helps to increase the number of your listeners


This  helps you to stream large  of collection of tracks  on your playlist, it contains two categories  that is the fullplay and fastplay features you can choose to stream on duration or you can allow the software to play on full time

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Warning this will take longer period of time if  you have large  collection of tracks on the playlist because it will play each track on that playlist one after the other It also have shuffle, add to library and favorite features like others

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Buy Spotify Play Booster:

Spotify Bot: Making Money From Music On Spotify $1000 Weeks

Spotify Play Bot Streams Ultimate Edition

Spotify Bot: Making Money From Music On Spotify $1000 Weeks

Spotify Play Bot Streams Ultimate Edition Feature:

  • Account Manager: Manage thousands of accounts and categories easily.
  • Latest Anti-Fingerprint Technology: Use the latest Anti-Fingerprint technology to bypass bot detection
  • Run accounts using Socket (Http) Post without API: Easy and no api limit.
  • Run tasks 7*24 hours: Once you set the tasks, you can let it run 7*24 hours
  • Run Multiple Accounts and Tasks: Add and use multiple accounts with ease and configure private settings for special accounts. You can also use it to manage unlimited number of client's profiles as a service. You can add several accounts to one
  • Schedule Tasks: Schedule and automate single or multiple tasks continuously with ease, set different schedule time range for each account, set intervals between each schedule…
  • Black/White List: You can set a black/White list for follow, unfollow, like and direct message etc…, then all tasks will use the black/white list when working.
  • Get Content From Different Sources: When run follow, unfollow, like, post and comment etc, you can not only input data, import data list and read file, but also get get data from rss and other module's output. There are many different data source you
  • Spin Content Automatically: Your content can be spun to many different new content automatically.
  • Assign Proxies: Use public or private  with each of your accounts as you deem fit…
  • Free update: We update our software often and you can always get the newest version by using the auto-update.

Spotify Bot: Making Money From Music On Spotify $1000 Weeks

Spotify Play Bot Works With Most Popular Music Sites

Now Spotify Play Bot works with SoundCloud, Spotify, Napster, Deezer, and iHeartRadio. You can run these sites' tasks in one software at the same time. And we are adding more sites like google music, apple music and tidal etc. And soon, you can create a task to mix different sites' function to finish a complex task.

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Spotify Bot: Making Money From Music On Spotify $1000 Weeks

Getting Paid

Spotify’s royalty payouts have had a lot of bad press from some major artists like Taylor Swift who pulled out some of her songs. However, streaming services can be lucrative (and seem fairer) when the artist owns the publishing and songwriting rights. Spotify pays out 70% of its revenues to rights holders.

If you self-release your music through a platform like CD Baby, you can retain a larger slice of the pie than if you sign the track to a label. Sometimes releasing with a label can be the best option due to their market reach and leverage with streaming sites. You’ll need to decide what is best for you.

However, Spotify’s earnings might be insufficient alone. Therefore I would suggest artists and composers use other revenue streams like Soundcloud, which has an even greater number of users, currently 175 million. Radio conglomerate iHeartRadio is also another great powerhouse option on the traditional dial. It has become a streaming favorite for many who love their local DJs with 100 million registered users. And of course, let’s not forget the biggest source of online entertainment with 1.8 billion users, Youtube.

There are plenty of other platforms and ways to monetize your voice. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to marketing yourself. Whatever you do, do it with a passion!


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