RS Phone Prospector: Get Direct Phone Numbers Targeted


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Get Direct Phone Numbers of your Targeted Prospects

It is an advanced phone number extractor which helps you to build your targeted prospects direct phone numbers in real-time from search engine and LinkedIn. So you can connect directly with your potential prospects via SMS or Whatsapp or Cold Call with your marketing message

How it works

Watch how to build targeted prospects phone numbers in seconds. Just enter your targeted keyword and location, that’s it RS Phone Prospector will do the rest to build your own phone list.

Why choose Phone Prospector?

Easy & Simple Design

We made super simple design, which make you use the tool like a PRO instantly.

360 Support

Connect with our support team via chat or email or Skype or call.

Real Time Extractor

Extracts leads real time from web for your search keyword.

Personalized Live Demo

1-on-1 free live demo to make you understand the tool better.

Multi PC Access

Access tool on any PC or Laptop with your login credentials.

Free Sample Leads

Get free 100 leads for keyword of your choice before purchase

Extract targeted phone numbers like never before

RS Phone Prospector: Get Direct Phone Numbers Targeted

Linkedin Search

LinkedIn search is most targeted and will get you detailed information of your prospect like Name, Phone number, Job Title, Company Name and LinkedIn profile URL. So you can reach your prospects mobile personally with your marketing message.

Real-Time Phone Number Extractor

RS Phone Prospector is highly focused on extracting direct phone numbers of your potential prospects like mobile or work numbers. You just enter targeted keyword & location. That’s it the software will do the rest to build your targeted phone list.

Broad Search

Broad search is nothing but you can extract targeted phone numbers directly from search engine for any industries or any professionals like real estate agents, builders, freelancers, insurance agents, marketing consultants, doctors & many more as per your wish.

Manage your leads like never before

RS Phone Prospector: Get Direct Phone Numbers Targeted

Lead Manager

A new list will get created automatically on ‘Contacts’ tab for every search you do on RS Phone Prospector. Also all your leads will gets auto backup on your computer, so you can logout and come back anytime to see the same

Easy Export

Once lead extraction got completed, you can export that lead information as a CSV file and then take it to your marketing campaigns. You can export all the details of your leads along with the date and time of the crawler.

Lead Filter

You can do multiple filters on your leads by contact name or contact email or contact title or Contact Company or contact Source URL or search keyword and date wise. So, by this way you can ignore exporting unwanted leads for your marketing campaign.

$10 Single License Lifetime

A few frequently asked questions

What is RS Phone Prospector?

It is highly targeted phone number extractor from Software’s, which will extract direct phone numbers along with their contact name, job title, company name, social profiles for your ideal prospects real-time from LinkedIn and search engine for your search keywords.

Who can use RS Phone Prospector? Is it right for me?

It is cost effective and highly targeted lead generation software which can be used and loved by marketers, sales team, recruiters, human resource, business development, freelancers, owners, sales & marketing agency, recruitment agency, PR/Media agency and whoever wants to get start with mobile marketing.

How quality is the extracted phone numbers?

We extract all the contact details along with the source URL, mostly on LinkedIn. So you no need to worry about the data quality. Phone numbers extracted will be available on the respective LinkedIn profile page.

Do you offer demo for the software?

Yes, we do have detailed recorded video demo for the software to understand better. If you still confused with the tool benefits & features. Please schedule 1-on-1 personalized demo with our experts to make sure you understand the software benefits better.

Can I use the software on Multiple PC’s or Laptops?

Yes, you can use the software on multiple Pc’s or laptops with your login credentials but only one login works as a time. If you would like to use on multiple PC’s or Laptops simultaneously you must buy multiple users as per your requirements

How do I unlock the lead export option?

Once you purchased the subscription it will automatically upgraded to premium and you can able to export all the leads to CSV from the software.

Are there any specific usage limits on lead extraction?

No, you can do unlimited keyword search & export unlimited data for your campaign requirement. But not recommended to use to build a mass database for reselling. We developed this software to help & support small and medium business to generate leads by themselves without spending huge money on lead generation.

Do I need any VPN service to extract the phone number from RS phone Prospector?

No, it’s not mandatory to have VPN service to extract phone numbers from RS phone Prospector, we had added in-built captcha option inside the software in case search engine block you from extracting phone numbers. But if you wanted to search for leads continuously without any interruption then VPN service is recommended which will mask your original IP to extract targeted phone numbers.

What payment methods are accepted?

Currently we accept the payment via Bitcoin, Paypal & credit or debit card. Do you find difficult in making a purchase, please write a mail to We will arrange alternate payment options.

Can I install this software on MAC?

Can I install this software on MAC? No, as of now this software was designed and developed for Microsoft OS as a desktop application. But you can use the software on virtual desktop as well. Soon we get you an update for MAC.