How to Use Spotify to Support Your Brand Marketing

You love listening to your favorite tunes, podcasts, and videos on Spotify, but have you ever thought about how Spotify can support your brand marketing? Spotify is one of the 15+ social media platforms we host on Juicer, and it’s because the platform can be an incredible addition to your business’ marketing strategy. In this article we break down what Spotify is and how to use it to go above and beyond with your brand marketing campaigns.

How to Use Spotify to Support Your Brand Marketing

What is Spotify?

Spotify is a media streaming service that was founded in 2006 by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon in Stockholm, Sweden. The service was launched and available to the public starting in 2008. Spotify listeners can engage with music, podcasts, and videos on the application. Spotify partners with music labels and independent artists on licensing deals to house the audio files and offer them as options to Spotify listeners.

Spotify offers several plans. First is the Free Plan that offers limited access to Spotify, with mandatory ads, and limited navigation options. If you’d like to have greater access, there’s the Spotify Premium plan, which costs $9.99 per month. This plan offers unlimited skips, the ability to download audio, and no advertisements. Spotify also offers special deals for students as well as Premium for Family, which allows multiple accounts to have Premium access for $14.99 per month.

How Does Spotify Work?

Spotify has created many different ways to navigate and interact with the audio you love on the platform. Upon opening the application, the navigation bar offers a large menu of options for users. The first two options allow users to search for a song, artist, album, or title using a search bar. They can also browse through curated “radio stations” based on genre, artist-inspired, etc. These categories are:

  • Browse
  • Radio

After the first two categories, the next batch is listed under the ‘Your Library’ division header. These categories help you easily sort through media that you’ve “Liked” (saved as one of your favorites). The Spotify category, ‘Local Files’ is also included here, which is a collection of media from your computer, or iTunes account. Here’s a full list of these categories:

  • Your Daily Mix
  • Recently Played
  • Songs
  • Albums
  • Artists
  • Stations
  • Local Files
  • Videos
  • Podcasts

The final division of categories is ‘Playlists’. These are all the playlists that you have personally created, or a playlist you found on Spotify and ‘Followed’. It also includes Spotify’s ‘Discover Weekly’ category, a service that generates a unique playlist of songs for the user based on songs and artists they have ‘liked’. The full list of categories in this division will look different for each user depending on the playlists they are following.

How to Use Spotify to Support Your Brand Marketing

Is Spotify the Right Platform for You?

As a smart marketer, you need to take a deeper look at Spotify’s user composition to understand if your target market overlaps with the user base of Spotify. Only then, it makes sense to jump onto the Spotify marketing bandwagon.

Research has revealed the following facts about Spotify users:

  1. Region demographics: Spotify users and subscribers are mostly from Europe (36%), followed by North America (29%), Latin America (22%), and then the rest of the world (13%).
  2. Age demographics39% of music listeners below 30 years of age consider Spotify as their favourite channel, making Spotify the top choice of millennial music lovers. Further age breakdown of Spotify users shows that the platform is most popular among these age groups (in decreasing order): 25-34 years, 18-25 years, and 55-60 years.
  3. Gender demographics: A Statista survey shows that 23% of males and 20% female in the US are Spotify users.

If your audience falls into the above-mentioned groups, you need to be more active on Spotify. But that isn’t all.

What’s more, you ask? Your content and industry need to match too.

Spotify’s content is dominated by music and podcasts. If your audiences are avid music lovers, Spotify is your ideal match. If your existing and prospective clients are either from the music or the over the top (OTT) media industry, Spotify is tailor-made for you. But this doesn’t mean that other influencers can’t capitalise on Spotify’s popularity.

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If you or your brand partners deal with a lot of user-generated content, you have a chance to score on Spotify as user-generated playlists are extremely popular on Spotify, as stated earlier. So, how exactly can you start with influencer marketing on Spotify?

How to Use Spotify for Brand Marketing

How to Use Spotify to Support Your Brand Marketing

When we suggest using Spotify in your brand marketing efforts, your first thought might be, “My brand has nothing to do with music or bands, how does this apply to me?”. While we can understand that thought process, we’d argue that music and other audio are cultural connecting factors that can apply to many businesses, regardless as to how related music is to your product or service. Adding positively to your customer’s lifestyle and experience will help keep your brand front-of-mind. Read on to discover the top Spotify brand marketing tactics.

Create Brand Marketing Playlists

How to Use Spotify to Support Your Brand Marketing

Consider creating a themed brand marketing playlist to add a bit of fun and diversity to your business’ content creation efforts. When creating the playlist it’s important to think about your brand voice. What type of musical genres and moods fit the tone of your brand? Which artists and song messages would you want your brand to be connected with in the minds of listeners? Is there a current campaign going on that you could incorporate these playlists into? The activity of creating a brand marketing playlist can be a creative way to explore deeper what your brand represents and the emotions you’d like prospective customers to experience when they engage with you. Here are a few ideas of reasons and events to tie a brand marketing playlist:

  • Seasonal Shifts & Holidays: Everyone gets excited about the holidays! Help make your customer’s celebrations easier and more enjoyable with seasonal and holiday inspired playlists that have your brand’s signature style attached.
  • Brick & Mortar Store Theme Music: Does the music you play at your brick and mortar store get frequent compliments? Open up that playlist to the public and let customers know about it!
  • New Product Lines: Have a new line of products or services about to launch? Consider creating a playlist around their theme to help clients celebrate (and encourage them to indulge in a purchase or two!).
  • Charitable Partnerships: To support your brand’s announcement of charitable partnerships, consider creating a brand marketing playlist filled with feel-good tunes that relate to the charity.
  • Employee Picks: If your business is centered around personal branding and personality, a Spotify playlist is a great way to help your followers connect with you- and take a peek into your favorite tunes for the gym, relaxing afternoons, or parties!

Leverage the Power of Podcasts to Market Your Brand

Spotify is investing big bucks into podcasts after acquiring podcast startups like Gimlet and Anchor earlier this year. For brands and influencers, this is another avenue to connect with their audiences. With the revival of radio culture, especially in Latin America, podcasts have also risen in the popularity charts.

Unlike social platforms where users spend maximum time browsing and swiping, podcasts get undivided attention from listeners for 30, 60, or even 90 minutes. This sort of engagement is almost unheard of among digital circles.

Spotify is planning to insert targeted ads into podcasts in real-time after collating its rich customer insights. Using the Streaming Ad Insertion technology, Spotify will study a user’s tastes, location, and age to identify ads that will be received favourably by the user. So how can influencers leverage podcasts on Spotify?

Besides creating great content for podcasts, influencers need to pay special attention to distribution methods. An efficient distribution will ensure that your podcasts reach the right audiences.

You can use these battle-tested hacks to perfect your podcast distribution strategy:

  • Promote your podcasts across channels: You can collaborate with cross-channel podcasts specialists such as Phoebe Robinson to get more visibility for your podcasts. Of course, you will have to spread the word through your website, blog, and social channels too. Apps like Anchor and Simplecast will upload your podcasts and publish them on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and other hosting platforms. They also offer real-time analytics on your show’s performance.
  • Optimise your podcast’s title and the headline: You can research names that are creative, unique, and contextual for your podcast episodes.
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Market Your Brand With Paid Ads

The third way to use Spotify as part of your brand marketing efforts is to engage with paid advertisements. While you may already be utilizing Google Ads to promote your website, or traditional advertising like commercials or billboards, Spotify is a fresh way to get your message out. There are a few ad options to consider on Spotify. The first is signing up to be an advertising partner with Spotify. These ads are displayed to users with Free accounts. Another option is connecting with podcasts that are related to your brand’s niche and having an ad featured in episodes of the show. This ad will often remain in the podcast episode forever, unlike rotating ads that cycle through on the Free Spotify plans.

Use Spotify Bot for Marketing

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How to Use Spotify to Support Your Brand Marketing

Demo Spotiy Plays Booster

How to Use Spotify to Support Your Brand Marketing

Publicizing Your Spotify Presence

How to Use Spotify to Support Your Brand Marketing

So you’ve jumped in and selected one or more ways to add Spotify to your brand marketing strategy. Congratulations! The next step is making sure that your existing customer base knows you now have a Spotify presence so that they can engage, and hopefully share with their friends as well.

  • Social Media: Each of the Spotify brand marketing strategies we’ve explained are excellent opportunities to create promotional content for social media. Share a graphic with a link to the Spotify content via social media, and maybe even pull a snippet of the audio to share as a video to give followers a teaser!
  • In-Store: If your brand has a brick and mortar store, create a sign or fliers to distribute to guests who walk in.
  • Email: If you’ve developed a strong email list, consider creating a special email message to get the word out about your playlist or podcast episode, too!
  • Add Spotify to Your Social Media Aggregator: One of our favorite ways to publicize a brand’s Spotify presence is by adding Spotify as one of the platforms linked to a social media aggregator tool. That way, all your Spotify updates will automatically be added to the feed on your website!

Ready to Start Your Spotify Influencer Marketing Campaign?

Nobody would have imagined that Spotify would become an influencer marketing platform, but it has. If done well, marketing on Spotify is a sure-shot way of reaching out to music-loving audiences. Using the right influencers can further widen your reach. So, what are you waiting for? There’s no better time to get started with influencer marketing on Spotify. Use your Spotify bot and SMM panel, invest your music in the future And armed with the guide above, you’re ready to get started today.


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