Spotify Plays Booster Bot: Boost Your Music Millions Streams

Spotify Stream Booster

Our platinum spotify software is the best of all spotify streaming software, here is why it can increase your song’s plays with real human browser in a very short time. We keep improving it with updates when the needs arise
and it will greatly enhance your exposure on your music carrier!, we have far more bigger features that are not displayed presently on the site , join now and rip the benefits

  • Easy To Use
  • Support Itunes
  • Support Youtube Music
  • Support Deezer
  • Works on Windows XP and Up
  • Automatically Clicks Next Song On Set Time
  • Quickly Boost Play Count On Any Song
  • Uses Real Browsers
  • Proxy Support
  • Repeat Playlist Automatically
  • Use Facebook or Spotify Accounts (Automated Account Creator Available After Purchase)
  • Low CPU and Ram Usage
  • Multi-threaded to Add Thousands of Plays a Day!
  • Real Language: Software was created with real native programming language and not a bot generator
  • Speed: Can handle any number of browsers, the only limitation is your internet speed and computer configuration
  • Shield: Uses real browser, supports proxy, spoof devices and supports multiples accounts, these features keeps you safe on spotify

Spotify Plays Booster Bot 2020

Now includes mass follows and saves booster for playlist, artists, songs, and albums. Also a playlist creator feature to create a unique playlist for each account and add it to file. Click images below to check out all the new features and more!

Spotify Plays Booster Bot: Boost Your Music Millions Streams

Spotify Plays Booster Bot: Boost Your Music Millions Streams

Spotify Plays Booster Bot: Boost Your Music Millions Streams

Spotify Play Booster Demo:

Why you should get our Spotify Play Booster

I wont stand here to tell you other program they sell out there don’t work, they do but before you buy any software there are basic things you need to consider:

Check if the software was developed with real programming language Secondly you need to consider memory consumption and speed

Finally durability: most spotify bots out there were not created with real programming language, they were created with bot generator software, which makes most of the bots to freeze alot, becomes slow, unable to launch multiple browsers etc.

Today i proudly stand to tell you that our platinum spotify play booster was designed with the best technology and still maintain stealth human emulation, we have two version of our software the basic and platinum, you will know their difference  on check out page

Three Power parts Of Our Spotify Play Booster

This section we give detailed explanation of the  parts that made up  spotify  play booster and how they work

Full Play

This section plays complete track of your selected music it will start from the beginning and play it to the end before switching to another account , we call this method organic play because it plays complete track like real human

You can also choose from additional available option to add the music to favorite,add to library,Enable shuffle, this helps to increase the number of your listeners

Fast Play

This section enables you to play your music tracks on duration you can choose to play your music for every 60 seconds then switch to another account . This helps you accumulate higher number of streams in a shortest time possible.

You can also choose from additional available option to add the music to favorite,library and Enable shuffle, this helps to increase the number of your listeners


This  helps you to stream large  of collection of tracks  on your playlist, it contains two categories  that is the fullplay and fastplay features you can choose to stream on duration or you can allow the software to play on full time

Warning this will take longer period of time if  you have large  collection of tracks on the playlist because it will play each track on that playlist one after the other It also have shuffle, add to library and favorite features like others

Spotify Plays Booster Bot: Boost Your Music Millions Streams

A one time purchase of $80 for a forever license with free updates. Full setup guide available after purchase.

Ultimate Version $80 right now!

1 year license and Instant download

Do you want to have more Spotify plays and build your audience? With real and fast Spotify streams you will improve your ranking in the charts. Give your song the exposure it deserves, with our Spotify plays and your track will automatically increase in the Spotify Ranking. We ensure you that totally unique users will stream your track, so all plays are absolutely real and eligible for royalties. That’s a win win!


  • Looking more succesful. It not only gives you a great look and reputation, it also improves the change that your tracks show up in search ranks or computer generated playlists that will increase your popularity even further!
  • Reach your desired fanbase. Spotify promotion helps you to gain more new listeners to your music, who can start following you and become your fans.
  • You are directly increasing the popularity of your music and you as an artist, because tracks are ranked on Spotify by the total number of plays and recent frequency of plays.
  • You can stay focused on making music. You’ll have more time to produce a professional song and spending less time promoting your music.
  • You improve your royalty rates by the amount of plays you buy. And you will boost your sale, by reaching more people.
  • Your track will be found much better. You get more visible as soon as a song has many Spotify Plays.


Your safety is important to us. We don’t want you to get banned, that’s why our team gives your song real plays/streams from real accounts. The average time that the audience stream your song 2 minutes! Your plays will be evenly distributed throughout the day to maintain a steady growth, increasing your visibility and popularity. Be aware other suppliers may use bad quality and result in bans or blocks.

Free Spotify Plays Bot: Fully Automated Plays Booster 2020
Spotify Streams Bot: How to Boost Spotify Plays and Followers


Spotify is the major online streaming platform, with 70 million active users and a catalog of more than 30 million songs. Getting promotion for this platform will give your tracks not only plays but popularity and revenue from your music royalties as well.


After the payment of the order is done (and you fulfill the requirements), you will receive a confirmation from us. LLC delivers plays to your tracks. Ordering plays takes a minute and then you can sit back and LLC takes care of the rest. Our large partner network will deliver huge amounts of plays in short time.


Please read the requirements carefully! No refund will be given when you do not meet all the requirements.

Requirement 1: Song availability
The song has to be available in all countries – so no geo-restrictions.

Requirement 2: Monthly Listeners
Depending on how many spotify streams you want to buy, you need a minimal number of monthly listeners which is outlined below:

Order size (amount of Spotify plays) Required minimum number of monthly listeners
1k plays No minimum
5k plays No minimum
10k plays Minimum of 20k monthly listeners
20k plays Minimum of 20k monthly listeners
50k plays Minimum of 50k monthly listeners
100k plays Minimum of 100k monthly listeners
250k plays Minimum of 100k monthly listeners
500k plays Minimum of 100k monthly listeners
1mio+ plays Minimum of 200k monthly listeners


Your Plan

Disk Space




Email Accounts




Spotify Starter Package

3K Plays + 300 Saves + 300 Follows

High quality

No password required

Orders start in minutes

PREMIUM plays from TIER 1 countries only! USA/CA/EU/AU/NZ/UK

Royalties Eligible!

24/7 support

100% Guarantee


Monthly Plan

Spotify Advanced Package

10K Plays + 1K Saves + 1K Follows

High quality

No password required

Orders start in minutes



24/7 support



Monthly Plan

Spotify Rockstar Package

320K Plays + 30K Saves + 30K Follows

High quality

No password required

Orders start in minutes



24/7 support



Monthly Plan


If you don’t have enough monthly listeners to meet the requirements or you just want to grow your monthly listeners, you can also buy Spotify Premium Plays.

Spotify Plays Booster Bot: Boost Your Music Millions Streams

Buy Spotify Plays


If you don’t have enough monthly listeners to meet the requirements or you just want to grow your monthly listeners, you can also buy Spotify Followers. You’ll be able to verify your artist in the streaming platform and increase your monthly plays in hours with our Spotify followers. Spotify Followers also extends your reach of your tracks.


Spotify Plays Booster Bot: Boost Your Music Millions Streams

Buy Spotify Monthly Listeners

How long will I have to wait until I see results

Spotify generally update their statistics once a day around 10:00pm EST although it can take up to 4 days before you actually see results in the amount of plays, especially with new tracks. Spotify will accumulate the plays and you will see them in the next update. This will increase your status/plays bar. Besides that, it will also increase your monthly listeners and popularity. Not only does this give you a great look and reputation, it also improves the change that your songs show up in search ranks or computer generated playlists increasing your popularity even further!

Will I earn from royalties, and if so, how much

All our delivered plays are legit and count for royalties however it’s quite difficult to calculate how much royalties you’ll earn exactly. Spotify does not provide a precise explanation about their royalty system.

A way to check this is using “” to get an estimate.

If you are interested in knowing how Spotify royalties work, check the official information for Spotify artists.

How long will it take to complete the order

Our estimated delivery time for the “normal service” depends on the size of the order and is outlined below:

  • 1,000 plays – 200 plays/day
  • 5,000 plays – 250 plays/day
  • 10,000 plays – 375 plays/day
  • 20,000 plays – 500 plays/day
  • 50,000 plays – 750 plays/day
  • 100,000 plays – 1,000 plays/day
  • 250,000 plays – 1,500 plays/day
  • 500,000 plays – 2,250 plays/day
  • 1,000,000+ plays – 3.000 plays/day

For any other delivery speed please check out our “premium service”.

Also be advised that if you order the same song multiple times (in example for different countries) these will be processed one by one.
So for example: If you order “song-x for 1k plays US and 1k plays UK” we will process 1k US first and once that is finished we will process the 1k UK.

How can I get the Spotify URL for my song

1) Go to your song on Spotify
2) Click on the button with the 3 dots (At right of the “play” and “save” button)
3) Use the option: “Copy Song Link

Can I stream an album instead of a track

With our Fast Delivery service we do not provide an option to stream a complete album at once. (we do with our premium service!).

Spotify Bot: 30 Tips and Tricks Promotion Your Music Streaming

As work around what we will do when you give us an album, or multiple tracks which point towards the same album, is stream each track separately thereby increasing delivery times.

Spotify Bot Get real Spotify plays and followers


Spotify Plays Booster Bot: Boost Your Music Millions Streams

One account, Promote everywhere. LLC is the one stop shop for Spotify promotion! It doesn’t matter if you are on your iPhone, iPad, Laptop or Desktop pc you can use our services on all devices at any time.

Why you should buy spotify plays at LLC

With over 8 years of experience in the music industry and online music promotion, we are the best choice when it comes to Spotify promotion. We’ve been the obvious choice for thousands of artists since 2010 and established an excellent relationship with our clients.

How long does it take to complete my order?

All orders start within 12-24 hours, however how long it does to complete depends on order size. Spotify followers usually take one day per thousand followers, so if you order 5 000 followers your order would complete in 5-6 days. While Spotify plays usually deliver at 500 plays per day, so an order of 5 000 plays would take up to 7-14 days to complete.

Is this actually legit?

Absolutely! We fully stand by our promise to you. If you’re hesitant, we suggest trying out our smaller packages for less than 20 dollars. We’re confident you’ll be pleased with your results and will come back for more once you give us a try!

What's the difference between regular plays and Premium plays?

Premium plays use only premium (paid) Spotify accounts; you will get higher royalties, faster delivery, more unique listeners, higher visibility etc. We strongly recommend choosing premium plays compared to regular plays, or at least adding some premium plays to your campaign.

What are the benefits of buying Spotify Streams?

It can be hard to gain traction when you start your music career. The thing is – Music thrives on plays. The more streams a song gets, the more exposure it gets. The more exposure – the further it will travel and the more people hear it… like a self-feeding circle. This means that to reach any kind of large-scale audience you need to first get your music noticed. Using our services you can buy Spotify streams with a credit card and watch your audience grow as a result and that’s what LLC does best! The real question you should be asking yourself is why shouldn’t I buy plays?

Will I get banned from Spotify?

Absolutely not, this should not even be of concern, because Spotistar takes customer security very seriously, so much so that we have created a groundbreaking system that makes sure your page will never get banned due to our plays' services, we do this by keeping our strategies and techniques compliant with Spotify's guidelines. We have completed more than a million orders over the years and not one account ban has been reported to us nor have we came across banned pages in our past customer diagnostic tests. Whether you are looking for 5 000 or a million plays rest assured Spotistar has you covered.

Will my Spotify Plays be delivered instantly?

As soon as your order is received, our team of experts will start working on getting your plays. However, depending on the order size and workload delivery times vary from 1 day up to 30 days or more on bigger orders. We always make sure that your plays are coming in naturally and gradually.

Can I split the plays between multiple songs?

Of course! Just select a package and enter Artist name to find your account with our system that is connected directly to Spotify, you will be able to select an album and songs you want to increase plays on. However, please note that you can spread the streams only by 5 thousand plays per song.

Will anyone know that I have purchased Spotify Plays?

Your privacy is our top priority and as a trustworthy company, we ensure that no one will ever know that you have purchased Plays (or any other of our services) unless you tell them yourself.

What information do you need from me to start the process?

All we need to start your promotional campaign is your Artist name and songs. After you've entered these details, our system will immediately display your albums and songs for you to select. Once selected you will see the number of streams that will be delivered for each song.

Can you buy plays on Spotify?

You absolutely can! There are millions of artists that buy Spotify streams in one way or another. You can spend thousands on Radio and Internet ads, or you can go ahead and get the plays in matter of days with services like ours!

Can you buy monthly listeners on Spotify?

You can buy Spotify monthly listeners from us instead of plays, in that case, we guarantee the ordered amount of monthly listeners to be delivered and visible for at least 25 days. This is due to Spotify's rolling window of 28 days per listener.

What are you waiting for? Start your Spotify promotion the right way with us. With a passionate team of Spotify experts with over 1 000 000 orders complete since 2008, we are the obvious choice when it comes to Spotify plays and followers


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