SEO Tips: Visual Marketing Content Strategy 2021

If you are a blogger, you need to read the following comprehensive guide to visual content marketing SEO tips. Visual aspects such as images are very crucial for the sake of increasing your website visitors. If you want to make your blog readers last longer on your website or article page, you need to understand the following SEO Tips

SEO Tips: Visual Marketing Content Strategy 2021

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But before that, do you know why you need a longer duration for visitors when you are on your website? SEO experts state, the length of time a website visitor accesses a page will be a determining factor for search engines like Google to increase your website's ranking on search results pages (SERP). If your ranking is successful in the Google search engine, you can get more website visitors.

In addition, research conducted by Microsoft also states that today humans have a lower duration of focus than two decades ago. In 2000, the span of time humans could focus at around 12 seconds. This number continues to decline until in 2016 the duration of humans can focus on only about 8 seconds.

Therefore, it is not surprising that 73% of content creators feel their top priority is more on creating content that is visually appealing. How to? Use SEO tips on the following visual content strategies!

SEO Tips: Visual Marketing Content Strategy 2021

SEO Tips: Visual Content Strategy 2021:

Create Your Own Image Content

Make your own visual content. Currently there are many applications that you can use to design illustration images. You can also take pictures with your own camera to post on your website.

But, if you don't have applications like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe InDesign, don't worry. There is a website that you can access as an online tool for creating images easily without the need for technical skills such as graphic designers, namely Canva. Through Canva, you only need to exert your creativity using various features that are already available.

SEO Tips: Visual Marketing Content Strategy 2021

Canva is a free online graphic design website. This website has lots of templates for every type of visual content that you want to create. From flyers and CD covers to CVs and postcards, Canva also offers an image library that is equipped with image filters.

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Use Free Royalty Photo Stock

Today, there are tons of royalty free stock photo websites. The purpose of free-royalty is, you can use images without paying a fortune or writing creative common (cc)

One website that holds lots of free-royalty images is Unsplash. Unsplash provides more artistic photos with a simple and interesting filter touch. The pictures on this website are suitable for finding visual content that will be used by fashion bloggers, interior design, or just a personal blog. If you want to match the color theme of the photo to put on your website template with a certain color, you can use filters to filter the search by color.

Create infographics

The next SEO tips is for you to make an informative article upload containing short data or facts. Did you know that it would be better if you added infographics, rather than just presenting hundreds to thousands of words. Because, you certainly do not want to make your website visitors bored with what they read. So, summarize some interesting things from your discussion and pack them in an interesting infographic like the picture below.

Add Screenshot

If you are creating a technical content or in the form of a tutorial, try to attach a few screenshots based on the steps you describe. The goal is to make your readers easier when understanding these steps. In addition, your website can also get additional view duration from readers who are watching your uploaded images carefully.

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SEO Tips: Visual Marketing Content Strategy 2021

So that you are not confused doing SEO tips on this one, here is how to take screenshots (screenshots) of two computer operating systems, namely MacOS and Windows:

MacOS: Press the Command, Shift and 4 keys together. The image will be directly saved on your desktop screen.

Windows: Press the Windows logo key and PrintScreen [PrtScr] simultaneously.

There are many other ways to take screenshots on your computer or laptop screen. If you can't carry out the steps above, you can find your own way on the internet. Usually, you will find information in the form of shortcuts, websites, or applications that can be used to capture computer or laptop screens.

Create Video

In addition to adding the amount of time visitors are on your website, you can also use this step to increase your website's ranking on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Because, you have just added the potential to increase the value of Domain Authority (DA) for your website domain. Don't forget, make sure the video is still relevant to your article!

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How to Embed YouTube Videos to WordPress

Click “Share” under the YouTube video that you want to attach to your article. Then, select “Embed” until the following display appears.

SEO Tips: Visual Marketing Content Strategy 2021

After that, copy the link available to the right of the video as in the picture above and paste (paste) the link in the draft article. But before that, change the display preferences in the upper right of the text box, from “Visual” to “Text.” Slip it in the position you want and paste the embed code.

SEO Tips: Visual Marketing Content Strategy 2021


If you've finished reading the SEO visual content tips above, it means you already know the right SEO tips to apply on your website. If you have already implemented it, it's time to increase web traffic and make your website visitors enjoy your content


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